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School Sports Injuries

If your child participates in sports at school, you've probably seen a mandatory school liability waiver form. Are you required to sign these waivers? Do you know what rights you are signing away? Continue reading
School Sports Injuries

The Legality of Slander

Statements that hurt an individual's reputation are legally referred to as "defamation". There are two types of defamation, "libel" and "slander". If the statement is made in writing and published, the defamation is called libel. If the statement is spoken, it is called slander. An individual cannot be imprisoned for making a defamatory statement because it is not a crime. Instead, defamation is considered a civil wrong, or a tort. A person that has suffered defamatory statements may sue the person that made the statement under defamation law.  Continue reading.
Defamation LAW